My paintings investigate the humorous intersection of the natural and artificial within the theater of daily life. Utilizing space and scale to accentuate the juxtaposition of the mundane and the mysterious, these works present the absurd as both subject and object. Occupying the space between history and technology these elusive narratives reveal the personal as universal by making the familiar fantastical. 



 Throughout my botanical works I isolate, render, reveal, and reinterpret the beauty of leaf specimens I find in nature.  These paintings are investigations of form and structure but they are also explorations of the quixotic freedom found in the finite.  Since the paintings are all the same size (about 9 x 12 inches) on the same material (birch panel) and are all painted the same way (by glazing) with a consistent palette (white and variations of green and brown) the process is documentary.  However, my feeling is that the outcome is not.